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For The Love of LINDBERG

LINBERG eyewear - innovative and functional designed and made in Denmark.

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Celebrating Seekers: Our B Corp journey featured in Insight

Seekers B Corp in Insight Publication

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Gertrude Street Projection Festival 2023 at Seekers

For the third year Seekers took part in the 15th Gertrude Street Projection Festival, titled Confluence.

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We're Australia's First B Corp Optometrist - So, what is B Corp?

Seekers. The first and only Certified B Corp optometrist in Australia. What does that mean and how did we get here? In 2022, Seekers began our application to become a Certified B Corp. Sustainability and social impact have always been in our sightline, now these initiatives have been recognised with our official B Corp Certification […]

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Seekers and Ahlem Celebrate One Year

Launched in 2014 by Paris-born designer Ahlem Manai-Platt, Ahlem redefined modern eyewear design. Los Angeles-based Ahlem, infused Parisian style into the innovative and timeless new Ahlem designs. This got the attention of industry leading designers and the world alike. Ahlem’s distinct identity was born from an obsession with arts and culture. Aside from their design […]

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Seekers Supports x Thorne Harbour Health

As part of the Seekers Supports program a $1000 donation has been made to Thorne Harbour Health (THH), a LGBTIQ+ community-controlled organisation, governed by its members. THH has been serving and working with the Victorian community since 1983 (formerly Vic. AIDS Council)  in a diverse and meaningful way. The organisation conducts itself under the social […]

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Seekers x Sight Ceramics For Melbourne Design Week: Finished for Another Year

That’s a wrap on Melbourne Design Week at Seekers. For the second year in a row, Seekers hosted Sight Ceramics at our Fitzroy practice. The event brought design professionals and enthusiasts from all over Melbourne, and the world to Seekers to learn and celebrate the incredible work of Sight Ceramics. Sight Ceramics was launched in […]

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Sight Ceramics x Seekers for Melbourne Design Week

For the second year in a row, Seekers is proud to unveil the new Sight Ceramics exhibition right in the Seekers practice. In celebration of Melbourne Design Week (18th-28th May), Seekers will be hosting the master crafted ceramic works of Rukaiya throughout our practice.  Sight Ceramics was launched in 2019 by the talented Sydney ceramicist […]

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Thierry Lasry x Midnight Rodeo Collaboration: A match made in 'Americana Cowboy meets New York City' heaven.

Following their runway debut at FW 2023 New York Fashion Week, Midnight Rodeo revealed the eyewear featured in their collection was the result of a collaboration with Paris-born, New York-based designer Thierry Lasry.

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Why "Made in Japan" Is Synonymous With Quality, Craftsmanship And Innovation

In the eyewear industry, the “made in Japan” symbol has always indicated premium quality and elite craftsmanship. Seekers have always had an eye out for the finest frames the world has to offer. Mastercrafted eyewear is our passion, it’s why we spend countless days and weeks procuring, collecting and obtaining truly exquisite eyewear from around […]

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