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Thierry Lasry x Midnight Rodeo Collaboration: A match made in 'Americana Cowboy meets New York City' heaven.

Following their runway debut at FW 2023 New York Fashion Week, Midnight Rodeo revealed the eyewear featured in their collection was the result of a collaboration with Paris-born, New York-based designer Thierry Lasry.

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Why "Made in Japan" Is Synonymous With Quality, Craftsmanship And Innovation

In the eyewear industry, the “made in Japan” symbol has always indicated premium quality and elite craftsmanship. Seekers have always had an eye out for the finest frames the world has to offer. Mastercrafted eyewear is our passion, it’s why we spend countless days and weeks procuring, collecting and obtaining truly exquisite eyewear from around […]

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Call us eco-Seekers x Optometry focused on sustainability in Fitzroy

Seekers values are deeply embedded in our business and this is actualised through our Fitzroy practice. No action is too big or too small. To this end, Seekers Impacts is the program we have established to encompass our commitments to our community and environment. The scope of Seekers Impacts continues to increase, with an aim […]

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Thanks Fashion Journal! x Seekers Featured

Our tyres are well and truly pumped up. Seekers have been listed in the directory of the best optometrists for unique frames in Melbourne by Fashion Journal. Since our inception, Seekers have always sought to showcase the world’s finest, most unique master-crafted frames. It is our genuine passion to procure the very best in eyewear […]

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Seekers Supports x Alannah & Madeline Foundation

As part of our ongoing program to give back to our community, Seekers are proudly supporting the Alannah and Madeline Foundation in April with a $1000 donation made. On 28 April 1996, Alannah and Madeline Mikac, aged six and three, were tragically killed alongside their mother and 32 others at Port Arthur in Tasmania. The […]

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Style and Substance - The AHLEM x Jorden Bickham Collaboration Exclusive to Seekers

Seekers have the only pair of the AHLEM x Jorden Bickham Collaboration frames in Australia. A total of 170 frames were made in 3 colours - of the 100 in Dry Pampas we have #83. The design collaboration is the coming together of fashion’s foremost in design and style. Ahlem Manai-Platt is the Paris-born LA-based […]

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Seekers share the love for Melbourne Pride 2023

Well, it’s not really a wrap on Pride Month because honestly, we celebrate pride every month. However, this February 12th was something special. We participated in the Pride Street Party in the Gertrude and Smith Street precinct. Seekers threw the doors open and welcomed in all the lovely humans celebrating love in all its glorious […]

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Seekers Supports x Marie Stopes International

As part of our ongoing program to give back to our community, Seekers has proudly supported Marie Stopes International (MSI) in January with a $1,000 donation made on behalf of our clients. MSI believe in empowering people with the choice to make decisions about their reproductive health. Established in 1976, MSI has delivered sexual and […]

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Seekers Impacts x Our B Corp Journey has begun!

Seekers is joining the B Corp movement. Sustainability and social impact have always been in our sightline. As a local business, Seekers has always sought to create a positive impact on the environment and our community, we are constantly looking for opportunities to do good. Seekers has proudly applied to become a Certified B Corporation. […]

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Oliver Peoples x Nineteen Sixties

Oliver Peoples take to the skies with their latest collection featured in a short film. Fly back to the '60s, set in TWA's iconic New York airport terminal designed by Eero Saarinen. The short film heroes the early days of American aviation and the latest designs to grace the Oliver Peoples collection, Cassavet and Merceaux. The feature […]

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