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Seekers examinations are a detailed, unrushed assessment of your ocular health and visual needs.

Every comprehensive examination includes digital retinal imaging and an OCT screening. These advanced diagnostic equipment enable an in depth assessment of your eye health and early detection of diseases such as macular degeneration and glaucoma. As eye conditions are slowly progressive, this diagnostic equipment provides baseline studies for future comparison. Investigations are recommended every two years.

Our Optometrist, Dr Jayson Stone understands we are all individual and therefore your vision needs will likely be individual to you also. Time will be taken discussing your daily tasks, work arrangements and hobbies or interests to ensure the exact science of optometry meets your individuality and that the most appropriate lens design will be demonstrated and recommended for you.

Seekers is a private billing practice. Medicare claiming is done onsite immediately following examinations to ensure you only pay the small gap. All health funds are accepted with onsite claiming. We continue to bulk bill pensioners and health care card holders.


Seekers provide Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) scans and retinal imaging with every comprehensive eye health examination. At Seekers we use the Number 1 leading OCT, the fully automated one touch Maestro2 from Topcon.

This diagnostic device provides instantaneous structural information of the back of the eye with pinpoint registration. Immediate high resolution true colour images of the optic nerve head and macula are captured. One comfortable non-invasive scan gives cross sectional studies of the layers of the retina beyond visual observation.

The OCT is critical in the diagnosis and management of eye health conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and even melanoma.



Hylo-Forte is a premium solution for longer lasting eye lubrication. Used to improve the lubrication of the eye, in eyes that are experiencing severe or persistent dryness. Delivered via a unique, patented application system, Hylo-Forte releases one drop for every click in a convenient pump action technique.


VitA-Pos is a smooth, sterile preservative free eye ointment that keeps dry eyes lubricated during the night by preventing evaporation from the ocular surface. VitA-Pos is for the improvement of the tear film, suitable for all forms of dry eye and free of preservatives and phosphate.

Oust Demodex Cleanser

Oust Demodex Cleanser is an extra strength cleanser with tea tree oil that effectively relieves irritation from the eyelashes, eyelids, brow and face and aids in the removal of adult demodex mites and their offspring when used daily.

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