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Thanks Fashion Journal! x Seekers Featured

April 24, 2023

Our tyres are well and truly pumped up. Seekers have been listed in the directory of the best optometrists for unique frames in Melbourne by Fashion Journal. Since our inception, Seekers have always sought to showcase the world’s finest, most unique master-crafted frames. It is our genuine passion to procure the very best in eyewear design the world has to offer. Our eyewear styling aficionados and experts in eye healthcare (Jayson and Kenny) share decades of experience in curating master-crafted eyewear and providing elite eye health and care advice.

Located in Fitzroy, Melbourne, we love being part of this trendy suburb. We are constantly inspired by the fashion influence and genuine engagement of our local community and broader Melbourne friends. Eyewear fashion is well and truly at home in Melbourne’s vibrant culture, making it the perfect place for our practice.

We love working with community businesses and meeting new clients from Fitzroy and all over Australia. Next time you’re on Gertrude Street, come see us.

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