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Seekers Supports x Thorne Harbour Health

July 5, 2023

As part of the Seekers Supports program a $1000 donation has been made to Thorne Harbour Health (THH), a LGBTIQ+ community-controlled organisation, governed by its members. THH has been serving and working with the Victorian community since 1983 (formerly Vic. AIDS Council)  in a diverse and meaningful way. The organisation conducts itself under the social mode of health while continuing to expand its scope and outreach.

THH’s mission is to deliver effective community-driven healthcare and wellbeing programs as well as advocate to reduce stigma and discrimination. It does this for LGBTIQ+ people including people identifying as Trans and Gender Diverse, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and people from multicultural backgrounds in established clinics and via outreach. As a not-for-profit, fundraising is continually needed to ensure key aspects of work can continue.

We at Seekers greatly appreciate the work of Thorne Harbour Health and are thrilled our clients chose this organisation to receive our support.

Visit thorneharbour.org for further information on services, membership and ways to get involved.

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