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April 5, 2024

As part of our ongoing program to give back to our community, Seekers has proudly supported Next Steps Australia in April with a $1,000 donation made on behalf of our clients. Next Steps is a charity organisation that supports survivors of domestic violence in their transition into establishing an independent home.

Next Steps Australia supplies Starter Packs of brand new manchester items to families affected by domestic violence when arriving at a refuge and transitioning from a refuge to private accommodation. The organisation strives to supply at least 365 Starter Packs each year to families in need, meaning that each day of each year, Next Steps Australia is helping at least one mother or child start a new life. Seekers' $1,000 donation will allow Next Steps to provide four of these Starter Packs to families in need of a fresh start.

Visit www.nextstepsaustralia.org.au to learn more about Next Steps.

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