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Seekers share the love for Melbourne Pride 2023

March 2, 2023

Well, it’s not really a wrap on Pride Month because honestly, we celebrate pride every month. However, this February 12th was something special. We participated in the Pride Street Party in the Gertrude and Smith Street precinct. Seekers threw the doors open and welcomed in all the lovely humans celebrating love in all its glorious forms. The Seekers practice was full of life and love during this special day of celebration. Complimentary popsicles and champagne were served as the team danced the day away. Jayson, Kenny and the team felt so touched to be a part of this fantastic event. The pride and joy felt by everyone involved was palpable.

The milestone event has the team excited for the year to come, and while we will continue to practise pride throughout the year, we’ve got our eye’s set on an even bigger celebration next year. Special thanks goes out to the fabulous Midsumma team and all the volunteers who made the day possible. Midsumma is a non-for-profit organisation that relies on support from the public to make events like the Pride Street Party possible. To donate, follow the link below. https://www.midsumma.org.au/support/donate-to-midsumma/

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