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Seekers Secures x AHLEM

March 10, 2022

Lovers of the Bauhaus aesthetic rejoice as AHLEM eyewear lands at Seekers.

AHLEM was launched in 2014 by Paris-born, Los Angeles-based designer Ahlem Manai-Platt.

Insistent attention to detail, exceptional materials, dedication to sustainable methods, and an enduring obsession with arts and culture combine to inform AHLEM’s vision. The timeless submissions of early 20th century Bauhaus design principles resonate and serve as a consistent aesthetic reference.

Bauhaus-style design and décor is a term describing the furniture, objects, graphic art, and interiors that were created as a result of the influential early 20th century design and architecture movement named after the German school founded by architect Walter Gropius.

Bauhaus is rational, functional and minimalist. Less is always more. The style is characterized by a lack of ornament and a focus on clean lines that reduce forms to their essential elements. From rattan to leather and chrome - the aesthetic is an undeniable Melbourne staple of interior design and fashion.

In addition to a consistent creative vision, high quality craft is guaranteed with every pair of frames. Each pair of AHLEM glasses journey to three specialised ateliers and into the hands of nine skilled artisans, each with a particular craft passed down through generations. Preserving their knowledge and traditions is core to AHLEM’s mission.

Raw organic shapes and elegant geometries offer designs that exist beyond trend in the belief that functional objects of exceptional design and quality are always relevant.

Seekers is thrilled to be bringing AHLEM’s clean lines and timeless style to Melbourne, with the release of their latest collection in-store and online at seekersoptical.com.au.

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