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Gertrude Street Projection Festival, Building A Legacy with the Centre of Projection Art

April 9, 2024

Following successful collaboration in activating the Gertrude Street Projection Festival (GSPF), Seekers and the Centre of Projection Art (CPA) engaged in conversations to explore innovative ways of documenting this festival. Open to the public, GSPF spans two weeks of Melbourne’s July, showcasing artists’ submissions adorning shop fronts and buildings along Gertrude Street in Fitzroy.

In this vibrant intersection of art, technology, and public space, Seekers and Tailor Agency play pivotal roles, deeply rooted in the local community of Ngar-Go/Fitzroy in Naarm. Guided by Priya Namana, CEO of CPA, the team at Seekers collaborated to develop a digital zine, aimed at documenting the historical reviews of the festival and other works from CPA. This collaborative effort reflects a commitment to centring art as a fundamental aspect of everyday life, fostering community awareness of local contemporary art and facilitating meaningful reviews of visual works by industry writers.

The zine titled ‘Confluence’ is the culmination of over a year of hard work between artists, writers and the zine’s publishers. Louis Ashton, biologist and academic wrote an insightful article on Tully Arnot’s work; Epiphytes. Epiphytes was the work chosen by the GSPF producers to be featured at Seekers through the 2023 festival.

Louis Ashton being a friend and client of Seekers, was approached by the team to input on this inaugural publication. As a biological scientist with a keen interest in artistic expression, Louis delved into the world of epiphytes and delivered a real-world response on plant coexistence outside the context of the world built by humans.

In celebration of the zine launch, the Seekers team, Seekers clients, staff from CPA, artists and writers met at Runner Up bar on Tuesday evening to toast to a successful launch and mark the start of the unique initiative between the teams, with many thanks shared to Jayson Stone and Kye O’Donnell for supporting the writers of the publication. Without their support, the zine would not have come to life.

GSPF will once again adorn the windows of Seekers and fellow Gertrude Street buildings in 2024. You can keep up to date with the festival through the official Instagram channel.

Ready to jump into the zine? It’s available for you to read and view at no cost thanks to the support of the Seekers team. Click on the cover of the publication below to begin exploring.

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