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Seekers build Australian first; Hoya Lens Hub on Gertrude Street in Fitzroy

April 10, 2024

Another Australian first from the makers of Seekers. Best-in-class eyewear deserves best-in-class lens technology and Hoya’s Lens Hub is the future of how you shop for prescription lenses.

As we know, not all prescription lenses are made equal and as the adage says ‘you get what you pay for’. Seekers have teamed up with Hoya to bring an Australian first to life and change the way we shop for prescription lenses for good by inviting clients into the detailed world of what exactly goes into a prescription lens and how different lenses will ultimately affect the way the glasses will be used.

“We know our clients and all optical prescription customers understand how important their vision is to their daily life but what we all take for granted is the sheer reliance we have on our prescription lenses to keep our lives running. It’s important that we fit the best prescription lenses in the market to our customer’s frames and we want to be able to show them exactly ‘how’ and ‘why’ we make this recommendation.” - Seekers Optometrist, Dr. Jayson Stone.

Industry-leading technology meets Melbourne’s premier optical experience

From April, Seekers customers can experience the details of their new Hoya lenses in full focus via the Hoya Lens Hub at their Gertrude Street practice. Hoya’s latest technology utilises a tablet-housed LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) camera to accurately measure a client’s facial features whilst standing inside the Seekers practice.

The client is then escorted through to the Hoya Lens Hub where their frame selection is loaded into the lens simulator system. The lens simulator shows in full screen the client’s frame, lens thickness and features of their new lenses, including any coloured tint, photo-chromatic transition and protective layers. 

Once the lens consultation and selection has been completed, the information is sent directly to the Hoya lens lab for grinding and delivery to the Seekers onsite lab where it is cut and fit to the client's frame.

“We’re really excited by this new technology from Hoya, and we feel that our clients want this level of information, input and service when it comes to their prescription lens purchase.” - Kye O’Donnell, Seekers Lab Manager & Technician.

This revolutionary customer journey is perfectly complemented by the details of the already in place Seekers experience.

“Unrushed, high-quality service with the best in patient outcomes, it’s not too much to ask from your Optometrist in my opinion.” - Dr. Jayson Stone.

You can make an appointment for an eye exam and experience the new Hoya Lens Hub at Seekers here.

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