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Seekers and Ahlem Celebrate One Year

July 17, 2023

Launched in 2014 by Paris-born designer Ahlem Manai-Platt, Ahlem redefined modern eyewear design. Los Angeles-based Ahlem, infused Parisian style into the innovative and timeless new Ahlem designs. This got the attention of industry leading designers and the world alike. Ahlem’s distinct identity was born from an obsession with arts and culture.

Aside from their design which captivated the world with a culmination of Parisian flare and 1960s modernism, Ahlem made bold steps in their methods. Sustainability is fundamental to Ahlem’s identity. Their belief is simple, to produce artisanal glasses, made from the finest sustainably sourced materials, and built to last a lifetime. These principles are why Ahlem’s influence still resonates today. 

Each pair of Ahlem frames tells the story of the artisan, maintaining a fierce loyalty to traditional methods and practices which span generations. Ahlem’s production is entirely in France, a country that shares their sustainability first approach, allowing them to maintain the highest standards in their craft.

Seekers are celebrating one year of Ahlem and one year of timeless Parisian design. With Sustainability at the forefront of Ahlem’s legacy and their small-batch, quality focussed production. Ahlem and Seekers see eye to eye. Not to mention dedication and obsession with timeless, elegant and innovative eyewear design. Seekers and Ahlem celebrate their one year anniversary.

For more on Ahlem and their design and practices come see us in the Seekers practice and take a guided tour of the new Ahlem frames.

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