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Melbourne Design Week 2024 x A Showcase of Innovation and Creativity at Seekers

June 18, 2024

Melbourne Design Week, an annual highlight in the city's cultural calendar, once again captivated audiences with its diverse exhibitions and innovative design concepts. Among the standout events this year was the "Post Industrial Bliss" exhibition, hosted by Seekers. This exhibition featured the remarkable works of Ben McCarthy and Marcel Sigel, two renowned Australian designers whose collaboration explored bold and graphic forms in furniture and lighting, enriched with handmade undertones and industrial detailing.

Exploring Post Industrial Bliss

"Post Industrial Bliss" presented a range of creations, from fully realised designs to early-stage prototypes, offering a comprehensive insight into the design development process. The exhibition was a conversation in itself, showcasing new ideas across various materials, finishes, scales, and typologies. It provided a snapshot of the designers' aesthetics and a reflection on the unique aspects of Australian design, especially as McCarthy and Sigel have spent much of their careers working overseas.

Marcel Sigel: A Visionary in Industrial Design

Marcel Sigel, who studied industrial design in Perth, has established himself as a significant figure in the design world. After moving to Melbourne in 2004 to set up the multidisciplinary 'zuii' design studio, Sigel quickly gained recognition, winning various local and international commissions. His accolades include Wallpaper's 'Best Young Designer'. In 2007, he moved to London, working with prominent studios like Artek Design Studio and serving as Senior Designer at Tom Dixon until 2011. Since 2022, Sigel has based his studio in Melbourne, working with leading international clients across product, furniture, lighting, and space.

Ben McCarthy: Bridging Art and Industrial Design

Sydney-born Ben McCarthy has made a name for himself through his work in renowned studios in London and Hong Kong. Recently returning to Australia to open his own design studio, McCarthy operates at the intersection of industrial design, making, and art. His studio in Sydney collaborates with both local and international clients, and his work has earned prestigious design awards, exhibited in solo and group shows worldwide, and involved multiple patent registrations.

A Celebration of Design at Seekers

The success of "Post Industrial Bliss" at Seekers was a testament to Melbourne's thriving design community and its appetite for innovative and thought-provoking work. The exhibition was well-received by attendees, who appreciated the eclectic presentation of new ideas and the insight into the designers' processes and philosophies. As a platform for showcasing cutting-edge design, Seekers provided an ideal venue for this vibrant exploration of contemporary design.

Melbourne Design Week continues to be a pivotal event, fostering creativity and collaboration among designers, and "Post Industrial Bliss" exemplified the spirit of innovation that defines the festival. The exhibition not only highlighted the talents of McCarthy and Sigel but also underscored the importance of design in shaping our everyday experiences and environments.

Photo Credit: Richard Kendall Photography

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