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For The Love of LINDBERG

October 5, 2023

LINDBERG has always represented the epitome of timeless, exquisite design. Each frame is made and designed in Denmark, their process represents the highest level of intricate craftsmanship and elite engineering all while incorporating the minimalist Danish design principles.

The culmination of these principles is a product that is unmistakably LINDBERG. Timeless design always leaves room for innovation. The specialists at LINDBERG are experts in their field. As an eyewear brand driven by innovation; they have undergone research and development initiatives to create new cutting-edge techniques to further improve their impeccable craftsmanship. 

LINDBERG is renowned for their innovative and experimental designs. One of their most iconic and experimental ranges is the Buffalo Titanium collection. Featuring and masterfully highlighting the unique hues of the buffalo horn alongside their signature titanium, the LINDBERG buffalo horn range is the slimmest, lightest and world-renowned horn-rimmed frames the world has ever seen, sourced responsibly from domesticated animals whose meat was used as food and hide utilised for leather goods. The diversity of colour and pattern reflects the different regions of origin across Africa, Asia, South and Central America.

LINDBERG was founded in 1986 by Henrik Lindberg - an architect. Inspired by his father - an optometrist, Henrik created Lindberg out of a unique fusion of Danish architectural design and eyewear design. The result is unquestionable. As a winner of 112 international design awards and recognised by the industry as one of the very best, LINDBERG’s sophisticated, minimalist design stands the test of time.

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