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Why "Made in Japan" Is Synonymous With Quality, Craftsmanship And Innovation

May 4, 2023

In the eyewear industry, the “made in Japan” symbol has always indicated premium quality and elite craftsmanship. Seekers have always had an eye out for the finest frames the world has to offer. Mastercrafted eyewear is our passion, it’s why we spend countless days and weeks procuring, collecting and obtaining truly exquisite eyewear from around the world. Time and time again Japanese eyewear tops the list of intricately crafted frames. But why? What makes Japanese craftsmanship the best in the world? 

It begins with respect for the traditional ways. It’s a craft, not a manufacturing process. While in other parts of the world, companies work to automate and innovate through their machinery, those in Japan work to innovate on their manual process, utilising the same machinery they used almost 100 years ago alongside modern laser cutting techniques. In this way, makers combine the old world and new.

Another reason is that attention to detail in the process extends to materials. A critical moment in the evolution of eyewear was the move from Monel to Titanium which evolved in Sabae, the founding city of Japanese eyewear when artisans discovered how to successfully machine it in the 1980’s. Titanium is renowned for its miraculousness in being extremely durable, strong and lightweight, which is why it became the standard metal chosen for making quality frames. Premium acetate is also a hallmark of Japanese-made eyewear. It's compressed and aged permitting fine and intricate designs without compromising durability, all the while holding deep, rich colouring. In addition to durability and quality, premium acetate is also a superior material compared with commonly used polyurethane (plastic), because it is plant-based and can be buffed and restored, making it far more sustainable.

Steeped in history and an enduring legacy, made in Japan means something to the eyewear industry - which is why international brands choose to materialise their designs in Japan, as well as domestic ones.

Seekers are excited to share what makes us so passionate about master-crafted eyewear by going deeper and explaining what’s behind the brands that we choose.

To read more about what makes Japanese eyewear so good, read this article published by the Financial Times.

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